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During this pandemic, people will still suffer from hair loss or scalp conditions, which will still be causing distress to them. The doctors, hospital and other medical professionals are on the frontline trying to control this pandemic and it will be difficult to speak to them with regards to your hair or scalp issues.

With this in mind and with the support of the Insitute of Trichologists, I am able to offer online consultations if you are unable to come for a face-to-face consultation

£150.00 to be payable at initial appointment
Please let me know if you wish to book a face-to-face or online appointment.

Send a message or call me on 07850903633

Trichology Services

Treatments are only offered if necessary for the recovery of the client’s condition.

They are designed and selected to treat hair loss and scalp conditions.

They are based on both holistic and orthodox formulations, they are not cosmetic and are not offered for cosmetic purposes.

Home treatments are encouraged but in some cases, treatments in house are required for scalp recovery.

Special Offer at the Carterton Salon

Reconditioning treatment using Philip Kingsley Products

£65.00 also includes a free product for home use.

Ideal for giving your hair a boost. Consultation not required for this

  • Consultation

  • £150.00
  • 60 minutes
  • Check up

  • £75.00
  • 40 minutes
  • Consultation and Check up

  • £210.00
  • Pre-paid – Save £25
  • Online Consultation

  • £150.00
  • Via video call
  • Online follow up appointment

  • £75.00
  • Via video call
  • Mineral Check Testing

  • £70.00
  • Plus check-up appointment cost
  • Treatments

  • £65.00
  • In-house treatments
  • Treatments - Course of 6

  • £350.00
  • Save £40
  • Home Visits

  • £150.00
  • Plus travel costs at 0.46p per mile

The Way Trichology Works

The aim of trichology is to help people who are not able to find the correct information and advice for their scalp and hair problem.

Hair loss has a great impact on your life.

Not knowing or understanding why your hair is thinning, falling or you have a patch of loss is very stressful if you don’t know how to make it stop.

Trichology helps to identify what is going on and the most suitable way of managing and treating your condition.

I help people of all ages and genders. Each individual cause of hair loss is different and personal to

On-the-shelf treatments can work for some, but everyone will not always have the same result.

By having a consultation with a trichologist you are assured the treatment and advice is correct for you. It is a bespoke treatment which is designed just for you.

As well as the recommended products which you can view on my treatment page, I also incorporate trichological preparations. These are not prescription-only medicine, but carefully prepared products which will help with recovery of hair loss, stimulation of new hair growth and treatments for ongoing scalp complaints which cannot be cleared or managed by prescription medication only.

My clients say by having the advice, support and treatments (both at home and in clinic) from me they are better equipped to manage their hair or scalp condition. They feel less worried, find it easier to manage and feel more confident.

Recommended Products

 I use and recommend both Philip Kingsley and Nioxin products. You can find Amazon purchase links for the products below.

Nioxin Kits 1-6: £25.50

Philip Kingsley stimulating mask treatments (pack of 2): £14.70

Both these products are designed to help encourage new hair growth.

Please contact me directly for these offers

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Please contact me with any queries you may have. Alternatively if you wish to book an appointment please get in touch.