Tracy Keen MIT Trichologist | Services & Treatments
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Services & Treatments

Trichology Services

Treatments are only offered if necessary for the recovery of the client’s condition.

They are designed and selected to treat hair loss and scalp conditions.

They are based on both holistic and orthodox formulations, they are not cosmetic and are not offered for cosmetic purposes.

  • Consultation & Hair Mineral Test

  • £180.00
  • Consultation to include hair mineral test
  • Consultation

  • £126.00
  • Consultation only
  • Treatments & Further Appointments

  • £63.00
  • Per treatment

*Price per treatment. Treatments are tailored to individual requirements

  • Shampoos

  • Conditioners

  • Treatments


Supplements as per manufacturer’s recommended prices. Further cosmetic or medical-based products are per manufacturer’s recommended prices

Please contact me with any queries you may have. Alternatively if you wish to book an appointment please get in touch.